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Turing's Cat - an essay by George Dyson

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That's hilarious! That totally random XSLT Universal Turing Machine link directly below turns out to be useful. It shows an example of TMML, or Turing Machine Markup Language that is a different way that I could do instructions for a machine: Describe it as a Turing machine (or a Cellular Automata) set of rules.
XSLT Universal Turing Machine.
bash-2.05a$ head -3 i
bash-2.05a$ sed -e 's/^/<img src=\"/' i | sed -e 's/$/\"</' > index.html
bash-2.05a$ head -3 index.html
<img src="HPIM0079.JPG">
<img src="HPIM0080.JPG">
<img src="HPIM0081.JPG">

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To find out which version of MacOSX you are running:



uname -a

Reports some information, but not as informative as sw_vers.
Some *fantastic* new paintings by my Mom, Fern Ness:

Serving XML
Compiling Koffice
Where I belong, the Flower Society.

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kde/qt flowcharting programs
right now, i am being shone on by the light of the eclipse.