Thursday, May 30, 2002

Mmmm, got a Linksys wireless router yesterday, and got it setup today... Yummm....
Saw Spiderman again yesterday. I was sitting further back in the theatre, and it was a much smaller screen, so I found myself much more able to take in all the information from the movie, and got less dizzy than the first time I saw it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Cool. First program cross-compiled under MingW. Network mounted the /shakti/sness partition, and then I can run it directly over the net, instead of having to move it by hand. Neat.
It looks like it's going to be pretty simple to do this cross-compilation thingy, I'm looking at docs here, and I'm getting things ready to compile a test app today.
BTW, MO is the acronym for my new project, Molecular Origami, taking what I did in 1988 and extending it radically to multiple dimensions and multiple genomes. With a fully themable interface, and SOAP and XML communication. Fully buzzword compliant. :)
The database of Immigrant genes. Is up on A very interesting looking resource, a good candidate for inclusion in MO.
Working with MingW to cross-compile code for Windows on Linux. Looks interesting. I don't like the hardware OpenGL acceleration on Linux, it's so much easier on Windows, and this way, it'll force me to keep my codebase working on both Win and Linux at the same time. It's a good thing.
Going to try to get my QuickCam camera working again on the Windows box. I hope they've changed the drivers and software to allow me to upload the pictures to a local website, it was such a bummer when they took that feature out and forced you to upload to their website.
Another gorgeous day today, I'm up and on the computer. Latest Linux Kernel Digest is up.

I just logged into my account again, to keep it active. I've had my sness character since sometime in 1994, I don't go there much at all, but I login every 3 months or so to make sure my character doesn't get
deleted. I've got quite a little world back in there, but don't have anyone to really share it with. Laurel Poole was the one who got
me on there, but soon after I got my character, she left, never to return again. I love having old stuff like that around, it's neat to look back at old computer stuff and remember.

Talking about that, I just got some of my old old source code off of floppies, source code for the Molecular Origami project I did back in 1988/1989 for the CWSF (Canada Wide Science Fair). I'll be posting some of it up soon, it's in Turbo Pascal, and I'm amazed at how similar my source code is now to how it was then. Very interesting.

Monday, May 27, 2002

A beautiful day outside today, sun, flowers, trees, yum! Risk of a thundershower tonight, oh, I miss thunder! I'm crossing my fingers!
Drat, I tried this whole morning to get the XML-RPC and blogger.el client to post to here from xemacs,
and it just isn't working. Drat. I learned some about XML during this, but it still feels like a bummer that I
couldn't get it going. I'll try again perhaps later this week.
Ok. OK. OK!!! I'm going to start again, really. :)