Friday, January 26, 2001

Must post to blog. Must post to blog.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Wow! A gorgeous sunny day today! I'm right by the window, and the light from outside is beaming
in filtered beams across my computer screen. What a wonderful winter we're having! A wonderful day!

Monday, January 15, 2001


Friday, January 12, 2001

An article at Feedmag about GEML, the Genome Markup Language.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

One of the wonderful things about having a shaved head: Not having to worry about falling alseep with gum in your mouth, no hair for it to get tangled up in! (And yes, I did suffer this trauma once, and after an hour of painful brushing to try to remove it, had to snip some hair off to get it out, yuck!).

Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Hey! I've figured it out! BOTH! :)
Oh, decisions, decisions! Which one, the Apple Powerbook G4 Titanium or the Sony VAIO Transmeta Picturebook. Hmmm, now I just need a few extra thousand dollars to burn. :)

> Wheat quits job one day
> Lesa shaved off hair on full moon
> Sness also shaved head
> - Lesa Fehr

Wow! Lesa with shaved head
Flashing eyes, Kali, Shiva
Tremble in fear, Men.

Shave your head, Wheat,
A nice and chilly wind
makes your head feel neat.

Tonight, a full moon,
sness dances crazy moonlight
Shiva, Lunar Eclipse

delicate black bands

vagaries in bandcalling

contiger fixes it

Yoga started again last night with Taylore. Ahh, so nice and relaxing, a really cool class. Taylore rocks, now I need to set up a website for her.

Monday, January 08, 2001

Got a new soundcard and microphone this weekend for my newly refreshed linux box, I've been meaning to get some audio applications and hard disk recording going on this box for some time, but since it was my main mail and web server, I was a bit nervous. Now that my netwinder is bravely taking over these tasks, I'm more adventurous. Got a midi cable as well, because I *have* to get my Roland SPD-11 hooked up to my computer. Now, that will rock.
Beautiful sounds in the radio waves near
Jupiter. Found by the Cassini spacecraft. Sounds like ambient techno. Now, that's what we need, streaming audio from all around the solar system. (hmm, as I write this, doesn't 'solar system' sound a bit 70's? Do we need a new term?)
Beautiful sounds in the radio waves near
Jupiter. Found by the Cassini spacecraft. Sounds like ambient techno. Now, that's what we need, streaming audio from all around the solar system. (hmm, as I write this, doesn't solar system sound a bit 70's? Do we need a new term?)

Sunday, January 07, 2001

Ohhhh, such a sweet setup here at home now... 4 computers on the hub, my firewall (cr1008674-a), the netwinder (durga), the windows box (vayu), and shakti. Mmmmm. This rocks. It's creating it's own little reality distortion field here...
Holy Roman Penguins! XFree 4.0 sure is fast!
Hi! I'm switched over to the netwinder now, (durga, hindu goddess of protection), and I'm very happy! Just got Mandrake 7.2 installed, a couple hitches, but it's very sweet right now, got XFree4.0.1, and kernel 2.4.0 ready and waiting for the next reboot!

Friday, January 05, 2001

Here's my KIT:

Ahh, the new millennium. So nice! I'm still alive! Wish I could have
come to the reunion with all you nice people, but it just didn't quite
work out. It was so nice seeing some of you on the webcam, and it was SO
SO SO NICE seeing in person a few of my favorite pearsonites. Thank you
for visiting! I was in a fragile state, and got much more fragile as the
summer continuued, and I just couldn't come. There are those of you that
will understand, this is for you, dear ones.

It was quite the year, the whole year was going from one extreme to the
other, from a job that was very very stressful (Stormix,,
even though I was filthy rich and had big-ass stock options, to a job that
is totally amazing and rewarding, with great people, and doing very
exciting work in Genomics and Bioinformatics at the BC Genome Sequence
Centre ( Was in a 2 year relationship with a yoga
teacher, which was "!wow!", that ended in August, but we're still best of
friends. Did a huge 10 day Yoga workshop in August which was incredible!
2000 was the year to get back into Yoga, and found Mantra, which has
changed Everything EVERYTHing EVERYTHING! Had some major health concerns,
starting in July, but these are mostly on the mend and under control now.
Shaved my head in August! This is very very cool, and it's still shaved.
;) Basically, went from bottom to top, from top to bottom, and cleared
out a lot a lot a lot of old stuff that wasn't me anymore. I needed to
prove to me and you how hardcore I am, and I've done this, and now I can
come back through gentleness, which is a wonderful way of being me.

After y'all had left the college, I went for a weekend visit, it was the
same place, after all. It was me that was different. Om Namaha Shiva. Om.

Big hugs and love to *all* of you, every last one, even the grumpy ones
who never write KITs! Write me, tell me small secrets, throw your cares
to the wind, love everyone now! I'm at,

Yay! sness rules! peace out!
There's a big article on Red Herring about the biotech industry.
A side-by-side comparison of the background color of Windows 2000 (R58 G110 B165) with SteelBlue from X11 (R70 G130 B180).
Cool, Linus has just released 2.4.0! Here's a local copy, just because.

Thursday, January 04, 2001

Wow. Sometimes semi-random websearches can pull up the most beautiful, beautiful, things!. Found this originally because someone had searched for "snez" and had got, so I wanted to see what else was under snez. So cool because I had a really great friend at Pearson named Snezana, we went to a Jesus and Mary Chain concert back in 1990... Ahh, those were the days. Back then, I was scared of the freaks in downtown Vancouver, now I'm one of them.

ok. it can start now.

Wednesday, January 03, 2001