Saturday, July 27, 2013

Victoria BC - Rental Map

Victoria BC - Rental Map:

Created by my classmate from UVIC, Jamie Starke.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Chromecast - Devices on Google Play

Chromecast - Devices on Google Play: "Chromecast
Chromecast is not available in your country.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


SMO: "Implements John C. Platt's sequential minimal optimization algorithm for training a support vector classifier using polynomial or RBF kernels. This implementation globally replaces all missing values and transforms nominal attributes into binary ones. It also normalizes all attributes by default. (Note that the coefficients in the output are based on the normalized/standardized data, not the original data.) Multi-class problems are solved using pairwise classification. To obtain proper probability estimates, use the option that fits logistic regression models to the outputs of the support vector machine. In the multi-class case the predicted probabilities will be coupled using Hastie and Tibshirani's pairwise coupling method. Note: for improved speed standardization should be turned off when operating on SparseInstances."

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VotedPerceptron: "Implements the voted perceptron algorithm by Freund and Schapire. Globally replaces all missing values, and transforms nominal attributes into binary ones. For more information, see

Y. Freund and R. E. Schapire (1998). Large margin classification using the perceptron algorithm. Proc. 11th Annu. Conf. on Comput. Learning Theory, pp. 209-217, ACM Press, New York, NY.

Valid options are:"

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RBFNetwork: "Class that implements a normalized Gaussian radial basis function network. It uses the k-means clustering algorithm to provide the basis functions and learns either a logistic regression (discrete class problems) or linear regression (numeric class problems) on top of that. Symmetric multivariate Gaussians are fit to the data from each cluster. If the class is nominal it uses the given number of clusters per class. It standardizes all numeric attributes to zero mean and unit variance. Valid options are:


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MultilayerPerceptron: "A Classifier that uses backpropagation to classify instances. This network can be built by hand, created by an algorithm or both. The network can also be monitored and modified during training time. The nodes in this network are all sigmoid (except for when the class is numeric in which case the the output nodes become unthresholded linear units).


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Logistic: "weka.classifiers.functions
Class Logistic

All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, OptionHandler, WeightedInstancesHandler

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine

Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine: "Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine

Abstract: Many object detection systems are constrained by the time required to convolve a target image with a bank of filters that code for different aspects of an object's appearance, such as the presence of component parts. We exploit locality-sensitive hashing to replace the dot-product kernel operator in the convolution with a fixed number of hash-table probes that effectively sample all of the filter responses in time independent of the size of the filter bank."

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scientists use iPods, car batteries to build a frog surveillance net | Ars Technica

Scientists use iPods, car batteries to build a frog surveillance net | Ars Technica: " Arbimon (Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network), was created by a team led by Dr. Mitchel Aide and Dr. Carlos Corrada-Bravo of the University of Puerto Rico. As described in a paper published by the team in PeerJ today, Arbimon's monitoring stations use an iPod recording application to capture up to 144 one-minute audio recordings per day of animal calls. Most of the components of the monitoring stations—the iPod, the battery, a voltage converter, a preamplifier for the microphone, and a router—are in a sealed watertight case. A 50-watt solar panel powers the system and charges the battery during the day."

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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Big Blob » Moore Neighbor Contour Tracing Algorithm in C++

The Big Blob » Moore Neighbor Contour Tracing Algorithm in C++: "This post shows the implementation of Moore’s neighbor tracing algorithm in C++. This algorithm performs what is called contour tracing i.e.
tracing the borders or boundaries of, in this case, a binary image. The two images below illustrates what the algorithm does with a pure black and white/binary image."

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Moore neighborhood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Moore neighborhood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "In cellular automata, the Moore neighborhood comprises the eight cells surrounding a central cell on a two-dimensional square lattice. The neighborhood is named after Edward F. Moore, a pioneer of cellular automata theory. It is one of the two most commonly used neighborhood types, the other one being the 4-cell von Neumann neighborhood. The well known Conway's Game of Life, for example, uses the Moore neighborhood. It is similar to the notion of 8-connected pixels in computer graphics."

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Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio: visualizing sound |

Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio: visualizing sound | "Create an analyzer node: With this node we get realtime information about the data that is processed. This data we use to determine the signal strength
Create a javascript node: We use this node as a timer to update the volume meters with new information
Connect everything together"

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do Things that Don't Scale

Do Things that Don't Scale: "It's not enough just to do something extraordinary initially. You have to make an extraordinary effort initially. Any strategy that omits the effort—whether it's expecting a big launch to get you users, or a big partner—is ipso facto suspect."

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Magnolia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Magnolia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Magnolia is a large genus of about 210[1] flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae. It is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol."

20 mins of Liblinear

20 mins of Liblinear:

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Stop working (so hard) — I.M.H.O. — Medium

Stop working (so hard) — I.M.H.O. — Medium: "The idea that, without “hustle,” without throwing away nights and weekends, without putting your life on hold for your work, you’ll somehow be more successful, more productive, is ridiculous to me, yet continues to be pushed by participants in our industry left and right. This is, quite simply, insane.


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Friday, July 12, 2013

3.2. Support Vector Machines — scikit-learn 0.13.1 documentation

3.2. Support Vector Machines — scikit-learn 0.13.1 documentation: "In problems where it is desired to give more importance to certain classes or certain individual samples keywords class_weight and sample_weight can be used."

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LIBSVM FAQ: "Q: Does libsvm have special treatments for linear SVM?
No, libsvm solves linear/nonlinear SVMs by the same way. Some tricks may save training/testing time if the linear kernel is used, so libsvm is NOT particularly efficient for linear SVM, especially when C is large and the number of data is much larger than the number of attributes. You can either

Use small C only. We have shown in the following paper that after C is larger than a certain threshold, the decision function is the same.
S. S. Keerthi and C.-J. Lin. Asymptotic behaviors of support vector machines with Gaussian kernel . Neural Computation, 15(2003), 1667-1689.

Check liblinear, which is designed for large-scale linear classification.
Please also see our SVM guide on the discussion of using RBF and linear kernels."

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Soft margin classification

Soft margin classification: "The optimization problem is then trading off how fat it can make the margin versus how many points have to be moved around to allow this margin. The margin can be less than 1 for a point by setting , but then one pays a penalty of in the minimization for having done that."

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Support vector machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Support vector machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ". To keep the computational load reasonable, the mappings used by SVM schemes are designed to ensure that dot products may be computed easily in terms of the variables in the original space, by defining them in terms of a kernel function selected to suit the problem."

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opencv - How to speed up svm.predict? - Stack Overflow

opencv - How to speed up svm.predict? - Stack Overflow: "The prediction algorithm for an SVM takes O(nSV * f) time, where nSV is the number of support vectors and f is the number of features. The number of support vectors can be reduced by training with stronger regularization, i.e. by increasing the hyperparameter C (possibly at a cost in predictive accuracy)."

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

QuerySet API reference | Django documentation | Django

QuerySet API reference | Django documentation | Django: "In some complex data-modeling situations, your models might contain a lot of fields, some of which could contain a lot of data (for example, text fields), or require expensive processing to convert them to Python objects. If you are using the results of a queryset in some situation where you know you don’t need those particular fields, you can tell Django not to retrieve them from the database."

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Support Vector Machines: Parameters

Support Vector Machines: Parameters: ""However, it is critical here, as in any regularization scheme, that a proper value is chosen for C, the penalty factor. If it is too large, we have a high penalty for nonseparable points and we may store many support vectors and overfit. If it is too small, we may have underfitting."
Alpaydin (2004), page 224"

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Marbert Rocel - Small Hours / Daniel Stefanik Remix [Compost Black Label...

Cuda - Community Ubuntu Documentation

Cuda - Community Ubuntu Documentation:

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Friday, July 05, 2013

Farming was so Nice, It was Invented at Least Twice - ScienceNOW

Farming was so Nice, It was Invented at Least Twice - ScienceNOW: "Whether farming arose once or a hundred times, it happened first in the Fertile Crescent, a broad region stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran. Most research over the past decades has focused on the western stretches of the Fertile Crescent—including modern-day Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Turkey—in large part because those were the easiest areas to work in, both logistically and politically. Recent excavations in those areas have suggested that hunter-gatherers first began to gather and plant seeds from wild cereals and legumes, such as wheat, barley, and lentils, as early as 13,000 years ago. Over a few thousand years of such cultivation, the wild forms of these plants mutated into new, domesticated species that were easier to manage and harvest, making farming more productive and efficient."

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ssd - How to enable TRIM? - Ask Ubuntu

ssd - How to enable TRIM? - Ask Ubuntu:

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Enable TRIM On SSD (Solid-State Drives) In Ubuntu For Better Performance ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

Enable TRIM On SSD (Solid-State Drives) In Ubuntu For Better Performance ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog:

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Heat, Light, & Sound Research, Inc.

Heat, Light, & Sound Research, Inc.: "Heat, Light & Sound Research, Inc.

Innovative Technology Through Research
HLS Research is an employee-owned company of scientists and engineers dedicated to basic and applied research in a variety of wave propagation phenomena, specializing in underwater acoustics. Our staff has extensive experience in theoretical, computational, and experimental work, collaborating with leading academic, government, and corporate institutions in our efforts to serve at the forefront of oceanographic research."

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Sonalysts Corporate

Sonalysts Corporate:

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Home - Whale Acoustics

Home - Whale Acoustics: "
Welcome to WhaleAcoustics, a small business conducting contract research work. We study ocean noise, noise impact on whales and the use of passive acoustics (listening to whale calls and songs) to census whales. At this website you can find descriptions of WhaleAcoustic's projects and the methods used.


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Triton Software Package - Scripps Whale Acoustic Lab

Triton Software Package - Scripps Whale Acoustic Lab: "  There were two primary goals with the development of Triton. The first was to provide a tool which can be used to evaluate acoustic data recorded by Acoustic Recording Packages (ARPs), and more recently High-frequency Recording Packages (HARPs). These data are typically single channel, long duration (up to one year), continuous and scheduled duty-cycle time series. The time series data are often transformed to the spectral domain for evaluation as power spectra, spectrograms and Long Term Spectral Averages (LTSA). Triton provides the necessary tools to quickly review a large data set via an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)."

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Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework - 1962 (AUGMENT,3906,) - Doug Engelbart Institute

Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework - 1962 (AUGMENT,3906,) - Doug Engelbart Institute: "By "augmenting human intellect" we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems. Increased capability in this respect is taken to mean a mixture of the following: more-rapid comprehension, better comprehension, the possibility of gaining a useful degree of comprehension in a situation that previously was too complex, speedier solutions, better solutions, and the possibility of finding solutions to problems that before seemed insoluble."

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Dirac delta function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dirac delta function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "While from this perspective the Dirac delta can usually be manipulated as though it were a function, formally it must be defined as a distribution that is also a measure. "

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Our Process - The Band Agency

Our Process - The Band Agency:

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How to mount a HFS partition in Ubuntu as Read/Write? - Super User

How to mount a HFS partition in Ubuntu as Read/Write? - Super User: "sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdx# /media/mntpoint"

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Emacs + org-mode + python in reproducible research; SciPy 2013 Presentation - YouTube

Emacs + org-mode + python in reproducible research; SciPy 2013 Presentation - YouTube: ""

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'via Blog this' – Introducing the HTML5 FullScreen API – Introducing the HTML5 FullScreen API: "hose same browsers are being used to display games, video and other content, where the presence of window “chrome” is deeply distracting. As a separate application, Adobe Flash has a “fullscreen” mode that can take over the complete screen, but, as with most other plugin features, HTML5 is superseding it, in the form of the FullScreen API."

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Release Your Software

Release Your Software: "As a repository collaborator, you can draft up a changelog in a release's notes. Any non-production releases (alphas, betas, release candidates) can be identified through the pre-release checkbox."

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

[1307.0589] The Orchive : Data mining a massive bioacoustic archive

[1307.0589] The Orchive : Data mining a massive bioacoustic archive: "The Orchive : Data mining a massive bioacoustic archive

Steven Ness, Helena Symonds, Paul Spong, George Tzanetakis"

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Monday, July 01, 2013