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Introduction to Computer Programming with MATLAB Lecture 9: Spectral Analysis



GNU Octave - Functions and Scripts
sawtooth wave in matlab
Reading data files into matlab
highlevel.m - Loading and saving data in matlab

%This file demonstrates the bahvior of LOAD and SAVE

clear all % Clear all variables
x = 5; x2 = 10; % Create x and x2
save xdata x % Save only x into xdata.mat
clear all % Clear all variables
load xdata % Load xdata.mat
whos % Note that x is back
x2 = 10; % Recreate x2
save xdata x* % Now save using a wild card
clear all % Clear all variables
load xdata % Load xdata.mat

MATLAB code for test tone synthesis, selection, and all-pass filtering



Executable Octave Programs

#! octave-interpreter-name -q -f # comment

plotting in octave

x = (-10:0.1:10)';
y = sin(x)


Phasor (sine waves) - at wikipedia
Phasor - At mathworld




CSC 485-eh? - System Infrastructure Design & Construction Techniques


TeX live - is an easy way to get up and running with TeX. It provides a comprehensive TeX system with binaries for most flavors of Unix, including GNU/Linux, and also Windows. It includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software, including support for many languages around the world.


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This weekend was a major baking weekend, I made my usual mega multigrain loaves, with spelt, kamut, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. Then, on Sunday I made white bread with seasame seeds on top and a batch of kaiser buns. Then in the evening I made possibly the most intense brownies ever, with triple chocolate, sweetened condensed milk caramelized layer, and an icing layer with chocolate chips and extra cocoa, all of this then dusted with powdered cocoa. when i was cutting it this morning i was kind of blown away. any takers?

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Nerd Porn







pronuncation vs. enunciation

"Pronunciation" refers to which sounds one says and what stress patterns one uses. For example, does the pronunciation of data resemble "d-at-uh" or "day-tuh"? Is the pronunciation of formidable more like "FORmidable" or "forMIDable"?

[Accuracy in pronunciation is a complex topic, for in America, the only authority, the only standard, is usage.]

"Enunciation" is an old fashioned term. When it was in vogue, is referred to saying sounds correctly. Mumbling, slurring, and lisping were examples of poor enunciation.

Thus, one could enunciate a word poorly but pronounce it accurately, or enunciate it well but pronounce it inaccurately.

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function deepObjectCopy(obj:Object):Object {

if (typeof obj != "object"
|| object instanceof Button
|| object instanceof TextField
|| object instanceof MovieClip) {

// display object (return reference)
// or non-object value (return value)
return obj;

var copy;

// define copy object type
// Boolean, Number, and String objects can be defined
// as objects with a base value (and can be given properties)
// class valueOf used to retrieve base value
if (obj instanceof Boolean) {
copy = new Boolean(;
} else if (obj instanceof Number) {
copy = new Number(;
} else if (obj instanceof String) {
copy = new String(;

// for other objects
} else if (obj.__constructor__) {

// if a clone method exists, use that
if (typeof obj.clone == "function") {
copy = obj.clone();

// make sure the copy is of the same type
// in case clone was inherited
if (copy.__proto__ == obj.__proto__) {
return copy;

// if no clone or clone was not a valid
// use object's __constructor__ to create copy
// if exists; assumes no required parameters
copy = new obj.__constructor__();

// __constructor__ will not be available for
// Array and Object instances defined in shorthand
} else if (obj instanceof Array) {
copy = [];
} else {
copy = {};

// copy object properties
for (var p in obj) {

// only copy properties unique to object
// assumes all properties enumerable
if (obj.hasOwnProperty(p)) {

// deep copy the property being assigned
copy[p] = arguments.callee(obj[p]);

// return copy
return copy;

Add a copy() function to Flash.

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Extract the sourcecode from a Flash .swf file with Flare. Nice.

selection algorithm

Selection algorithm - In computer science, a selection algorithm is an algorithm for finding the kth smallest number in a list, called order statistics.


Expected value
statistical review - Excellent resource
Variance sum law
PDF - Probability density function - For continuous functions
PMF - Probability mass function - for discrete distributions

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I must go see Thunderheist here in Victoria:

November 19, 2008

Victoria, CA
Venue: TBA

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tex tex tex

Watch out if you are using pdflatex and you have a weird unicode character. pdflatex won't like it.

If you are as unlucky as me to have it in a section heading, it will get written to the .toc file, and even when you fix it in your file, pdflatex will still not work. I learned this the hard way.

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Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi - Bring The Noise Remix (Pump-kin Remix)

Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder)

Princess Superstar - Perfect

nethack tournament

Oh noes, I don't think I'll have much time to participate in this years Nethack tournament. Still, I need to ascend at least an Elven Wizard just to keep my name in there. Won't be a hat trick this year.

cheat magit

magit cheat sheet


M-x magit-status

Status Buffer

l show history buffer starting from head
L show history buffer starting from a specified point

b check out a different branch
B create and check out a new branch
d compare working tree with specified branch

m manual merge
M automatic merge

R rebase / continue to rebase

F pull
P push
p show a buffer with push/pull command transcript

g refresh
s add a file to the staging area
i ignore a file

S move all hunks of all diffs into the staging area
U unstage all hunks

In a hunk

s stage hunk
u unstage hunk

c pop up a buffer to write the change description
C-c C-c to commit the staged changes

History Buffer

RET show more info about the commit
l use commit as starting point of the history buffer
R revert selected commit in working tree and staging area
P apply current commit in the normal way
C switch your current working tree to the commit
. mark current commit
= diff marked commit and current commit
x soft reset to current commit
X hard reset to current commit



Hands on with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. Interesting. I like those tiny laptops, but my fingers are too big. I need to implement that muscle listening system that I've been meaning to make. Someday, when things are less crazy.

I am just one human being, after all.

Even with all that alien energy.


Conkeror Installation - Conkeror is a totally rad browser that uses Emacs keybindings. Too bad it's implemented in Javascript and not Lisp, and could use more Emacs integration, but still amazing.


magit - A Emacs mode for Git. Nice.


A rosetta stone for UNIX. Nice. My favorites are Linux and IRIX.


Build an MP3 decoder in Haskell. Warped but cool.

iphone pocket guitar


the XO abides - XO continues, despite major problems with the OLPC. Open source always wins in the end.

tetris tiles


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Wow, sexy scrollbars in HTML.