Monday, February 13, 2012


You must all have a firm determination. Even if total destruction comes or any great calamity comes,
you must not be shaken from your determination. If there is a great flood, if fire breaks out -
in any calamity - you must be so brave and determined that you would jump into fire or water.

You must inspire others also to become brave and courageous. Only he who has courage is a
true living being. One who has no courage is like a dead man, even though he lives.
We have tightened our belts and taken a firm determination to do good to the world and uplift humanity.
You must stick to this resolve with your full energy.
Calamities will fall not just on one country but on the whole universe; the whole universe is in danger.
The terrible times which are approaching will engulf the whole world; the whole universe
will be enveloped in this destruction. We must consider not only ourselves but also the whole of the universe.
We can achieve anything in this world when we are hard working and industrious.
Because you must consider the whole universe, we should say "Jai Vishwa!" instead of "Jai Hind!"