Thursday, February 23, 2012

WorldWideWeb wide-area hypertext app available - | Google Groups

WorldWideWeb wide-area hypertext app available - | Google Groups: "Aug 20 1991, 2:01 am
The WorldWideWeb application is now available as an alpha release in source
and binary form from
WorldWideWeb is a hypertext browser/editor which allows one to read information
from local files and remote servers. It allows hypertext links to be made and  
traversed, and also remote indexes to be interrogated for lists of useful  
documents. Local files may be edited, and links made from areas of text to  
other files, remote files, remote indexes, remote index searches, internet news  
groups and articles. All these sources of information are presented in a  
consistent way to the reader. For example, an index search returns a hypertext  
document with pointers to documents matching the query.  Internet news articles  
are displayed with hypertext links to other referenced articles and groups.

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