Wednesday, February 29, 2012

User Interface Usability Evaluation with Web-Based Questionnaires

User Interface Usability Evaluation with Web-Based Questionnaires: "Questionnaires have long been used to evaluate user interfaces (Root & Draper, 1983). Questionnaires have also long been used in electronic form (Perlman, 1985). For a handful of questionnaires specifically designed to assess aspects of usability, the validity and/or reliability have been established, including some in the following table, some of which are discussed in Chapter 6 of Tullis & Albert, 2008.

Acronym Instrument Reference Institution Example
QUIS Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction Chin et al, 1988 Maryland 27 questions
PUEU Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use Davis, 1989 IBM 12 questions
NAU Nielsen's Attributes of Usability Nielsen, 1993 Bellcore 5 attributes
NHE Nielsen's Heuristic Evaluation Nielsen, 1993 Bellcore 10 heuristics
CSUQ Computer System Usability Questionnaire Lewis, 1995 IBM 19 questions
ASQ After Scenario Questionnaire Lewis, 1995 IBM 3 questions
PHUE Practical Heuristics for Usability Evaluation Perlman, 1997 OSU 13 heuristics
PUTQ Purdue Usability Testing Questionnaire Lin et al, 1997 Purdue 100 questions
USE USE Questionnaire"

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