Friday, February 24, 2012

The Sun is Setting on Rails-style MVC Frameworks «

The Sun is Setting on Rails-style MVC Frameworks « "The AtomPub protocol, if you ignore its XMLiness,  gets this right -- The thick client just knows the root URL (which serves up a simple service document) and is aware of a bunch of relationship types (the 'rel' attribute on 'link' and 'a' tags) that it can follow as necessary.  If a game client needs to access a list of players, it just goes to the root url, and follows the link with the rel property called 'players' (and probably remembers that link until the server says it has moved via 301 status code).  JSON has no concept of links or rel, but this is still easy to imagine and implement, and while it's a teeny bit of extra work up front, the standardization buys you the ability to start writing smarter HTTP/REST clients for your frontend that take care of much more for you automatically, so you can spend time on real business logic and actually do something more productive than fiddle with the javascript version of a routes.rb file."

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