Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Demo : Multi instanced jPlayer audio players

Demo : Multi instanced jPlayer audio players: "In this demo jPlayer is instanced on the page in three places, demonstrating how multiple instances of jPlayer may be used on the same page.

All jPlayer instances will use the HTML solution if they can, otherwise the Flash fallback solution will be used. The supplied media formats are M4A and OGA.

Each instance is individually affected by the iOS4.2+ restriction that a gesture must generate the play action. ie., The user must click play the 1st time for each instance on iOS 4.2+.

Additional $ event handlers have been used to avoid the jPlayers playing together.

Custom $.jPlayer.event.repeat event handlers are used for the first two instances so that they either play the next instance or loop, depending on the state of the repeat button. The third instance is the usual way that you would insert an audio player on a page with multiple instances."

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