Saturday, November 11, 2006

The links are starting to build up again. Let's post some of them, shall we?

mysql gotchas
postgres gotchas
Dump or slurp yaml data - What a sweet plugin! This totally just saved me from two days of converting my hand constructed sql inserts into yml format. Thank you!
Fixtures in Rails
Getting Started with ActiveRecord Migrations - Has a great section on exactly how to convert schema.rb into a migration.
The Joy of Migrations
creating arbitrary objects in javascript
Paul Graham talks about usingLisp for web applications - Wow, sweet. Lisp on Rails, anyone?
Why Lisp? - Because, it rocks.
web architecture - Lisp will triumph, in the end. Emacs will be there.
metasoup a blog post about converting html into trees, and how to cope with errors
tomboy mindmap - Using graphviz to generate visual mindmaps from tomboy notes. Interesting.
drysql - Hmm. This takes the opposite approach of what is common practice, instead of defining all the relationships within your model.rb class, you instead define it as relationships within your database. I prefer to do it the standard way by using has_one and belongs_to in model.rb, but this does look interesting.