Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Signal Team

Signal Team: "Publications
[1] Mathematical introduction of scattering operators for translation and rotation invariant representations (April 2012)(78 pages):
"Group Invariant Scattering" S. Mallat, to appear in Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics.
[2] "Classification with Scattering Operators", J. Bruna and S. Mallat. Proceedings of the IEEE CVPR 2011 conference.
[3] Scattering transform applied to audio signals and musical classification (6 pages) :
"Multiscale Scattering for Audio Classification" J. Andén and S. Mallat. Proceedings of the ISMIR 2011 conference, Miami, USA, Oct. 24-28. For Matlab code and reconstruction examples, see the audio section."

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