Friday, March 01, 2013

Embedded in Academia : How to Debug

Embedded in Academia : How to Debug: "Symptom — a faulty program behavior that you can see, such as crashing or producing the wrong answer
Bug — a flaw in a computer system that may have zero or more symptoms
Latent bug — an asymptomatic bug; it will show itself at an inconvenient time
Debugging — using symptoms and other information to find a bug
Failure-inducing input — input to the program that causes the bug to execute and symptoms to appear. In some cases, capturing the complete failure-inducing input is hard because it may include window system events, hardware-level events like interrupts or bit-flips in RAM cells, and OS-level events like context switches and TCP timeouts. The times at which elements of the input occur may be important.
Deterministic platform — A platform having the property that it can reliably reproduce a bug from its failure-inducing input. Simulators should be deterministic, but getting determinism from bugs involving hardware/software interactions may be difficult or impossible."

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