Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Read the Analog Inputs — MakingThings

Read the Analog Inputs — MakingThings: "Autosend
First, choose whether you want the Make Controller to send messages to you over USB or Ethernet.  If you want Ethernet, send it the message
/system/autosend-udp 1
The board will send messages wherever it last received a message from.  If you want USB, send the message
/system/autosend-usb 1
Next, decide how often you want the Make Controller Kit to send you messages.  We'll have it look every 10 milliseconds, or 100 times a second.  To do this, send the message
/system/autosend-interval 10
Lastly, turn the analog inputs autosend on.  We'll turn on autosend for all 8 of the analogin channels by sending the message
/analogin/*/autosend 1
Now, anytime the value changes on one of your inputs, the Make Controller will send you a message.  Read on below to see how to deal with the incoming messages."