Sunday, July 12, 2009


Stretch Sensor Evaluation Kit User Manual - Super useful, they've got a really nice circuit diagram and explanation in this PDF
SOIC - Small-outline integrated circuit
Characteristics of Operational Amplifiers
LMC662 - CMOS Dual Operational Amplifier
Arduino MIDI out example
Sigh Collector
Build and Program circuit for sigh detection. Assemble electronics into carrying case.
Operational amplifier applications
6-pack - is an open-ended, highly customisable, and ultra-portable physical controller based on the Arduino board. 6-pack is an Arduino shield consisting of 6 linear potentiometer sliders that can be assigned to different variables in the user's preferred software. It can be used to control a wide array of audio/video applications, from software synthesizers to HDJ systems. All, with a minimal footprint (3,5" x 2,5") and on the cheap (just a fraction of the cost of an equivalent MIDI controller). The project is open source.
Touchpad Midi
Arduino Midi Library
Arduino MIDI Volume Pedal - Nice small little source code, super useful
Operational amplifier
Table 1: Summary of MIDI Status & Data Bytes
Table 2: Summary of MIDI Note Numbers for Different Octaves
Table 3: Status Bytes 176-191; Control and Mode Changes (per channel)
What are MIDI messages and what do they do? PAUL WHITE explains.
MIDI Control Change Messages
MIDI usage and applications
Table 1 - Summary of MIDI Messages
MIDI Basics