Thursday, January 01, 2009


Easily browse flickr images with

This is so awesome and LOL, because it's just a bunch of images, just like web pages back in 1995, but it's so much better than that fancy web 2.0 nonsense for looking at images quickly.

There is something here that needs exploring. How much of the new navigation tools that we have created actually make it harder for people to get at the information they want?

Is this web 3.0 in the making? Take the data from web 2.0 sites and present it in the way that the users really want, which might be just a list of pictures on a web page, like this?

I love the mouseovers here as well, which give you more information about the picture with a javascript rollover, this also reveals a link to the original flickr page. Clicking on the image makes it bigger, and another click makes it small again.