Sunday, October 05, 2008

cheat magit

magit cheat sheet


M-x magit-status

Status Buffer

l show history buffer starting from head
L show history buffer starting from a specified point

b check out a different branch
B create and check out a new branch
d compare working tree with specified branch

m manual merge
M automatic merge

R rebase / continue to rebase

F pull
P push
p show a buffer with push/pull command transcript

g refresh
s add a file to the staging area
i ignore a file

S move all hunks of all diffs into the staging area
U unstage all hunks

In a hunk

s stage hunk
u unstage hunk

c pop up a buffer to write the change description
C-c C-c to commit the staged changes

History Buffer

RET show more info about the commit
l use commit as starting point of the history buffer
R revert selected commit in working tree and staging area
P apply current commit in the normal way
C switch your current working tree to the commit
. mark current commit
= diff marked commit and current commit
x soft reset to current commit
X hard reset to current commit