Friday, June 16, 2006

The Lord has come to give us true knowledge, but to understand knowledge is beyond human capacity. The sins of thousands of years are destroyed when He has made us to do pranams to Him and when He gives His Holy Touch.
The moving of stones from one place to another is for your concentration and spiritual growth. When the insentient stones which are lying here become moved, Babaji installs in them a new consciousness. The stones are not lying here without purpose; they are also doing penance. By touching these stones, we receive a vibration of Higher Consciousness. We don't see anything outwardly, but this contact changes our body, mind and spirit.

He is the the Lord of the Universe. He enters into people's hearts and changes their thoughts. All changes taking place not are due to a simple motion of His finger. Whenever he goes He puts a new consciousness in people and brings spiritual change. Otherwise, He has no need to go from place to place.
March 25, 1982