Thursday, March 15, 2001

Shiva level in Nethack

A portal is generated at around level 10-15 that takes you to the Shiva level. There are 4 levels,
3 are big rooms, but completely filled with really nasty monsters that don't leave any items. First level is elementals, second is golems, third is demons. Here's the trick, if you have been a pacifist, all these monsters will instead be figurines of these monsters. The fourth level is empty, except for a throne in the middle of the room. Around the throne are an amulet of life saving, a bag of holding,and two blessed figurines of a Archons, Ida and Pingala.

If you have been a pacifist, Shiva is seated in the middle of the room in meditation, and will give you the "Mantle of Shiva", which you can wear for huge AC, protection from fire, cold, level
drain and shocking. You can apply it in a direction and all monsters in that direction will be
turned into figurines. You can invoke it, when invoked it summons another high level pet.